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A young man with no direction. A well of incredible power at his fingertips. A veiled woman with a dark past and a murderous agenda.

After discovering his talents as a wielder of aether and deciding to leave the world of Corzana behind, Adam Wright didn’t even last a month before attempting to go back. Unfortunately, once outside of Corzana, he found no way to return, leaving him stuck in a mundane world with no friends and no place to live.

Luckily, he wasn’t the only one trying to open a door across worlds. When his best friends suddenly arrive, Adam is thrust once again into the realm of aether and intrigue he had so missed.

But there was a reason he had left, and while Adam chooses to forget the dark side of Corzana, it hasn’t forgotten him. Someone hunts him. A dangerous force seems to want him dead, and it stalks his every move. The black-veiled woman has returned, and perhaps the only thing more mysterious than her reemergence is where she came from in the first place.

Join Adam on his second adventure to Corzana, where he’ll brave the freezing depths, challenge a brash giant to a game of wits, and unlock more than one dark secret. As danger lurks around every corner, he’ll find that following a few rules couldn’t hurt every now and then.


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