The Sellador Collection

YEARS 925-933

A war brews in Aboridge.

Only Tessa, born a sorcerer yet niece to the commoner king, can bridge the gap between the two quarreling sides. But will she be enough to end the war or will Aboridge descend into a wasteland?

YEAR 973

A desolate landscape. A kingdom torn in two. A wicked sorceress vying for control.

With his father soon stepping down as king and his menacing sister next in line for the throne, Gage must do everything in his power to keep a
third war from breaking out. Will his efforts be enough to finally bring
unity and peace to the war-torn land?

A Short Story: Year 916

A dueling ring for sorcerers. A young man's first fight.

For years, Ulrich has trained to duel. A master manipulator of fire, he's wanted to start fighting to win glory and fortune. Will he be strong enough to win? Or will he be forced to seek mercy while his life is in the hands of another?